PC6 Aircraft Maintenance

  1. General Line maintenance and training for local staff
  2. All 100 hour inspections to comply with the recommended maintenance schedule
  3. 7 year Inspection in accordance with Pilatus schedule
  4. Full 14 year Inspection in accordance with Pilatus schedule
  5. Corrosion inspection and treatment (Our skilled sheet metal workers can repair/manufacture as required)
  6. Engine change/ Upgrade from PT6A-20 or -27 to the more powerful PT6A-34 engine
  7. Propeller upgrade using the MT Propeller 4 bladed composite propeller
  8. Complete strip and re-spray in our custom built spray booth
  9. Replace electric flaps with manual flaps (saving huge amounts of $$$)
  10. Install new instrument panels and radio equipment
  11. Upgrade to the EI MVP Engine panel and annunciator panel (Again huge $$ Savings)

Please feel free to contact us with your enquiries, requirements. We are only to happy to advise and/ or Quote

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